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The Voice of the Martyrs offers a variety of free resources for the asking. You can sign up for any or all of the following:

The Voice of the Martyrs Newsletter - Subscribe Today

Every month The Voice of the Martyrs Newsletter shares testimonies, trials and triumphs of persecuted Christians from around the world.

Each month you will be encouraged as you read of their faithfulness to God in the face of adversity, moved to pray and challenged to action as The Voice of the Martyrs Newsletter provides practical ways to reach out in love.

The indepth articles compliment the weekly Persecution and Prayer Alert, giving background and testimonies.  Each month, a multimedia feature is made available on PersecutionTV exclusively to newsletter readers.

Don't miss this opportunity to fellowship with this crucial part of the Body of Christ.

The Voice of the Martyrs Newsletter is provided free of charge to Canadians (shipping charges apply to overseas subscribers).

The Persecution & Prayer Alert - Subscribe Today

The Persecution and Prayer Alert is an email service from The Voice of the Martyrs Canada, updating those concerned about the needs of the Persecuted Church around the world. It is typically sent out every Thursday with updates on current issues and ways that you can help. The email is available in a text-only format, suitable for printing and distributing, or a graphics version with related photos and other images.

Click here to read the latest edition online.

Kids of Courage (formerly Bold Believers Magazine) is now online!

Since we no longer offer the quarterly Bold Believers Magazine, we invite you to visit the newly redesigned Kids of Courage website to access our children’s material, designed to inspire kids with the testimonies of today’s persecuted Church. Visit the site to discover games, recipes from other countries, profiles of nations where Christians are persecuted and other activities.

We partner with our sister mission in the U.S. on this accessible, fun, child-focused website. VOM-USA is committed to adding new stories and information on the site several times each week.  You can also download Kids of Courage Activity Books from the site for free!

We encourage you to visit today...and often!