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Date: November 08 2015
Iraq: Islamic Militants Brutally Persecuting Christians
The army of ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria), also known as IS (Islamic State), has swallowed up swaths of Iraq like a pervading darkness. In just one day, tens of thousands of Christians fled from towns like Qaraqosh and Bartilla, located about 40 kilometres away. Most came to the town of Erbil with nothing more than the clothes on their backs. "They’ve taken everything from the house, from the store, everything," one Christian refugee told CBN News. "They hate Christians especially. We don't know why."
Length 5:50
From Christian World News (CBN News)
Date: August 19 2014
Sri Lanka: Persecution in Paradise
The rise of Buddhist nationalism is making life extremely difficult for evangelical Christians living in the rural areas of this beautiful island nation. About 70 percent of the Sri Lankan population is Buddhist, compared to the approximately 8 percent representing Christians of all denominations.
As VOM Canada's Greg Musselman reports, the followers of Christ actively evangelizing are the ones facing the most opposition. This 22-minute video, reveals why these Christians are being persecuted, while featuring their amazing stories of faith in the midst of opposition.
From The Voice of the Martyrs Canada
Length 22 minutes
Date: August 01 2014
Iraq: Christians Face Heartless Enemy in Mosul
For nearly 2,000 years, the Iraq city of Mosul has been home to a thriving Christian community. Now the terrorist group known as Islamic State (IS) has driven nearly all of them out. In the meantime, fears abound that the few remaining Christians could become martyrs.
From Christian World News
Length 2:00
Date: July 29 2014
Egypt: Convert, Formerly Known as Mohammed Hegazy, Sentenced to Five Years in Prison.
A judge in Egypt sentenced Bishoy Armia Boulous (formerly Mohammed Hegazy), the first Egyptian to try legally changing his religious identity on his official ID, to five years in prison
The 31-year-old Christian received the prison term and a fine of 500 Egyptian pounds ($75 Canadian) for what the judge called "disturbing the peace by broadcasting false information" after documenting political unrest in Egypt brought on by numerous Muslim militant attacks on Christians, his attorney Wagdy Halfa announced. Halfa added that the real reason Boulous was charged and sentenced was because he abandoned Islam and became a Christian
In 2009, Greg Musselman of VOM Canada interviewed Bishoy (Mohammed) in Cairo when he was in hiding.

Length 5:41
From The Voice of the Martyrs Canada
Date: June 23 2014
Iraq: Christians in Danger
What is the future for Christians in Iraq? Juliana Taimoorazy, founder and president of the Iraqi Christian Relief Council, says that the actions of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) amount to ethnic cleansing as it takes control of towns and cities in Iraq and enforces a militant version of Sharia law. See Julianna's gripping interview with Wendy Griffith of CBN News.
Length 3:30
From Christian World News (CBN News)
Date: June 17 2014
Egypt's Christians "Expecting Death at Any Time"
WARNING: Some of the video content in this report is graphic.

An Egypt court has sentenced hundreds of members to death or life in prison for instigating violence after the ouster of former president Mohammed Morsi. Since that time, Coptic Christians have suffered terribly in the aftermath. CBN takes us to the centre of the brutality where Christians are dying for their faith.
From Christian World News (CBN News)
Length 5:55
Date: May 21 2014
Getting into Trouble for Jesus
Jesus Freaks Audio - May 2014
Date: April 30 2014
John Huss, Sealed with the Blood
Jesus Freaks Audio - May 2014
Date: April 30 2014
Malatya Suspects Released in Turkey
Jesus Freaks Audio - May 2014
Date: April 30 2014