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What is The Voice of the Martyrs?
What is The Voice of the Martyrs? Learn how we serve the Persecuted Church
Date: November 08 2015
Colombia: Valiant Evangelist Martyr
Here is an interview with our ministry partner, Pabel, an evangelist of Colombia Para Cristo, who had mysteriously disappeared. In late November of 2014, his body was located in the mountains of the Paez Indian Territory. He had been tied to a tree and strangled. The two murderers responsible for this crime have confessed and are now in Indian custody. Kelly, Pabel's young widowed wife and the mother of their two little children, was allowed to confront the murderers. Explaining to them that although her husband had always wanted to be with the Lord, the crime they committed has caused serious harm to her family who are left without a provider. As a Christian, Kelly willingly forgave the perpetrators, mentioning that she would also ask God to forgive them. Her husband Pabel, who was one of our dearest friends, will be remembered as a valiant evangelist who gave his all for the cause of Christ.
Length 2:20
From Colombia Para Cristo
Date: December 08 2014
North Korea: Balloon Launch
North Korea is the worst persecutor of Christians in the world. Christians are tortured, imprisoned and murdered. Private, non-state-sanctioned religious activity is prohibited. Anyone discovered engaging in clandestine religious activity is subject to arrest, torture or even public execution. However that isn’t stopping the Gospel from penetrating the "Hermit Kingdom."
VOM Canada partner Seoul USA, a ministry devoted to bringing the Gospel to North Korea recently launched balloons with New Testaments into the "Hermit Kingdom." SDOK from The Netherlands reports on what happened.
Length 8:54
From VOM Korea and SDOK
Date: November 21 2014
Syria: Liena's Prayer
Two of the most dangerous countries in the world to be a Christian are in the Muslim-dominated nations of Syria and Iraq. The followers of Christ in these ancient Bible lands have either been killed or driven from their homes due to civil war and the rise of militant Islamic groups like ISIS (Islamic State). As a result, hundreds of thousands of Christians are seeking refuge in neighbouring countries. Despite the terror in Syria, some believers have chosen to remain, serving as "lights" in their darkened nation. Here is a story about a Syrian couple who are willing to risk everything to do so. This dramatization is from The Voice of the Martyrs USA.
Length 4:35
From The Voice of the Martyrs USA
Date: November 07 2014
Colombia: Gospel of Peace
Colombia appears to be slowly emerging from five decades of guerilla warfare. The country's voters recently re-elected its sitting president based on his promise to end the violence. But even as the fighting raged, a few brave Christians (including our VOM partners in this South American country) are going right to the heart of the fighting by introducing combatants to the "Price of Peace." Stan Jeter reports from Cali, Colombia.
Length 4:50
From Christian World News
Date: October 23 2014
Ukraine: Evangelical Christians Living a Nightmare
Ukraine's evangelical Christians are bearing the brunt of the country's conflict, often with deadly consequences. It's a scene that has played in Elena Velichko's mind over and over. Pro-Russian rebels took over her hometown in early April. Elena's husband, Vladimir, told her to take the kids and leave the city. "He took us to the train station and we said goodbye," she explains. "He said, 'I love you.' He kissed me and the children, and left." Several days later, Elena's life, and that of her eight children, ages 2 to 16, suddenly turned upside down. Vladimir had been murdered for his faith.
Length 4:30
From Christian World News
Date: September 26 2014
China: Crackdown on Christians
The Chinese government pulls the plug on CNN video feed showing police beating Christians.
Length 4:35
Date: September 20 2014
Brother Li
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