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God's Double Agent
Tens of millions of Christians live in China today, leading double lives to hide from a government that relentlessly persecutes them.

By day, Bob Fu was a teacher in a communist school; by night, he was a preacher in an underground house church network. This book will keep you at the 'edge of your seat' as it conveys the true story of Bob's conversion to Christianity, his arrest and imprisonment for starting an illegal house church, harrowing escape, and subsequent rise to prominence as an advocate for his oppressed brethren.

"God's Double Agent" will inspire you to boldly proclaim and live out your faith in a world that is at times indifferent, and at other times murderously hostile, to those who spread the Gospel.

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Length: 2:00
Date: January 02 2014
Colombia: In Search of a New Home (The Persecution of Paez Christians)
When you see the joy of the indigenous Paez Christians from the Nasa tribe in southern Colombia, it's hard to imagine all that they have had to endure because of their faith in Jesus Christ. These evangelical believers were driven from their land because of their conviction to follow the teachings of God rather than engaging in practices that go against His Word. Many have paid a huge price for remaining faithful to the Lord. You'll be inspired by the devotion and perseverance of these followers of Christ and, at the same time, encouraged to hear how Christians in other parts of the world are helping them during their time of need.
From The Voice of the Martyrs Canada
Length 15:30
Date: December 30 2013
Laos: Former Soldier Jailed for Christian Witness
This eye-opening documentary features the inspiring testimony of Bounchan who was imprisoned and tortured for his Christian witness in the Southeast Asian nation of Laos. Instead of food, what he wanted more than anything was a Bible. Prior to finding Christ, Bounchan served his communist country as a soldier and later as Assistant District Governor. The following powerful re-enactment demonstrates his overcoming faith and perseverance in the midst of persecution, while highlighting the importance of writing letters to those imprisoned for the sake of Christ. (Click here) to help provide Bibles to persecuted believers.
Length 5:33
From The Voice of the Martyrs USA
Date: December 05 2013
Egypt: Christians Still Threatened by Islamic Insurgency
An Islamic-led insurgency threatens one of the world's oldest Christian communities. Even though it’s been several months after Egypt’s president has been ousted out of office, militant Muslims are still blaming neighbouring Christians for the uprising. Now believers are facing almost daily attacks against them, like the one that claimed the life of a 10-year-old girl by the name of Jessi.
Length 5:45
From Christian World News
Date: November 05 2013
Eritrea: Audio Interview with Greg Musselman
The UN has raised concerns about the flood of refugees fleeing Eritrea, often from religious persecution. As 185 Eritrean believers gathered to pray for these refugees, authorities moved in and arrested them. Listen to this interview of VOMC's Greg Musselman by Mission Network News.
Length: 10:37
Date: October 31 2013
Somalia: Terrorist Group Wants to Rid Country of Christians
Somalia's Islamist terrorist group, al Shabab, wants to rid the Muslim country of Christianity, specifically targeting Christian converts from Islam. Al Shabab recently joined with al Qaeda in wanting Sharia law implemented in the country. One year ago, a Muslim convert to Christianity was awakened in his home by al Shabab soldiers. While reporting on this believer's testimony, The Voice of the Martyrs ministry partner Gary Lane has agreed to protect the man's identity, referring to him as "Abdi." In this documentary, you will also meet other Somali Christians who have found refuge at a VOM-supported "safehouse."
Length 4:40
From Christian World News/The Voice of the Martyrs
Date: October 25 2013
Iraq: Christians Under Fire
It's been 10 years since the US invasion. Hundreds of thousands of Christians have left the country. Many are finding refuge and a new life in neighbouring nations, while others have chosen to stay and face the danger for the sake of the Gospel. VOMC's Greg Musselman contributed to this important news program. You'll meet some amazing followers of Christ who are paying the price to advance God's Kingdom in this ancient land.
Length 28:30
From Christian World News and The Voice of the Martyrs Canada
Date: October 08 2013
Pakistan: Christians Demand Protection after Church Bombing
Those of the Christian community are demanding better protection after suicide bombers recently killed more than 80 people in what is described as the deadliest attack against believersthat nation has ever seen. Heather Sells reports...
Length 1:45
From CBN News
Date: October 01 2013
Syria: Rebels Seize Control of Christian Village
Syrian rebels have reportedly taken control of an historic Christian village near Damascus. Rebel forces led by al Qaeda-linked jihadists captured the Christian village of Maaloula, situated in the mountains just north of Damascus. The village is also known as one of the few places in the world where residents still speak Aramaic which some scholars say is the language Jesus spoke.
Length 4:02
From CBN News
Date: September 16 2013
Egypt: Persecuted Christians Respond with Love
Churches in Egypt have suffered the worst attacks in centuries. Militant Muslims spurred the attacks. CBN reporter Chris Mitchell says that not only have churches been destroyed, but so have schools, cars and businesses belonging to Christians. However instead of seeking revenge, believers are responding with love!
Length 3:50
From Christian World News - CBN
Date: September 04 2013